NEW CLIENT Barbara Klein

The desire to help people already arose in the waiting room of her mother’s practice. There, as a child, Barbara observed how the trained physiotherapist freed people from their suffering and gave them a new, pain-free life. After her training, Barbara ran a practice together with her mother and cared for many top athletes from soccer and handball at a young age. Always on the lookout for the latest methods and techniques, the then mid-20-year-old moved to Boston, where she took advanced training in fitness, aerobics and yoga.

Back in Germany, Barbara was one of the first to use the skills she had learned and the knowledge she had gained as an instructor in this environment. Already in her late 20s, she was aware of how important time off and inner balance are for a person’s health and decided to take a „sabbatical year“ on the Club Med sailing ship, where a little later she was in charge of the physiotherapy and fitness area. As fate would have it, it was precisely at this time that television took notice of her and a little later she took over the „Body Feeling“ section of ZDF’s morning program. After gaining notoriety as a fitness and health expert, she then entered teleshopping, where she still successfully markets her own fitness and nutritional supplement products.


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