Tessa’s beloved dog Nelson went on a completely meat-free diet for half of his life. The start was not entirely voluntary, because the German shepherd mix suffered from a strong intolerance. It wasn’t until he was fed without animal proteins that he was moving around the country vital and happy again. It was a wow experience for Tessa, which also spilled over to today’s co-managing director, Valerie, who has a background in business administration and veterinary medicine. Together, they now stand for VEGDOG products, which are distributed throughout Europe.

The love for animals is not only for Tessa and Valerie an absolute affair of the heart. Because more and more people want to do no harm to pigs, chickens or calves in addition to dogs. But can it be also the best for the dog to nourish itself vegan or is thereby only the pure conscience of the dog owner satisfied?

Thanks to VEGDOG, some prejudices and concerns about plant-based dog food can be debunked. After all, pet food that contains all the essential amino acids for the omnivorous dog excites expert veterinarians far more than preserved meat products.


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