NEW CLIENT Deux Visions

Two with the courage to fashion: strong expression, uncompromising cuts and an unmistakable message. It is the passion for Paris that unites the two founders: Matthias Schröder and Simona Crocamo. The label of the two „Deux Visions“ is a commitment to high-class design.

After launching their label in Munich, Matthias and Simona are now venturing onto the very big fashion stage. In the future, Paris will become the headquarters of their company. Whether it’s a cool men’s leather coat with a camouflage pattern or a high-quality knit, socially acceptable sweatshirt – Deux Visions‘ creations combine apparent opposites to create expressive fashion statements and stand for fashionable self-confidence. Passion for high-quality materials combine them with skilful lines.

Time capsule

In addition to he young fashion brand Deux Visions, the German luxury label Camouflage Couture has recently become part of the company District No 1 GmbH, which was founded in 2019. After a successful year, the portfolio will now be expanded with Camouflage Couture. Matthias Schröder, CEO of Disctrict No 1 GmbH is looking forward to the further cooperation with Franco Stork, who remains Head of Design of Camouflage Couture.


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