NEW CLIENT Beka & Bell

Jewelry that writes stories, as unique as the people who wear it. The finely engraved and handmade chains, pendants and bracelets from BEKA&BELL express the special. Unforgotten moments, family ties, friendships and love stories are timelessly captured by the unique pieces of jewelry with their individual engravings. In the factory of company founder Annabell Bogner, new fascinating creations are created day after day as perfectly shaped symbols of feelings, confessions and values. Classic elegance meets trendy lifestyle. The fact that BEKA&BELL is fully in tune with the spirit of the times is demonstrated by the numerous stars and starlets who appear in the spotlight wearing these individual pieces of jewelry.

Incidentally, the traditional roots of the innovative jewelry manufactory also lie in the natural creative material leather. „It all started in my grandfather’s saddler’s workshop,“ Bogner recounts, „there I watched him working with leather and myself got the desire to create beautiful and unique things with my own hands – for me, the butterfly has stood for this as a symbol for many years.“ And today it is an integral part of the BEKA&BELL logo.


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