NEW CLIENT Amor Eterno

How love becomes bags tells the story of AMOR ETERNO’s handmade bags.

Her love for two countries, passion for fashion and design, and enthusiasm for traditional craftsmanship has turned Mary Eichler-Quijano into „eternal love“ to wear and hang around.

A native of Mexico who has lived in Germany for many years, Mary Eichler-Quijano combines sustainability with modern elegance in her box bags, totes, shoppers, beach bags and weekenders.

Artisans in Guadalajara and Chiapas, Mexico, make the unique creations from 100 percent recycled plastic, conjuring up true masterpieces of shape and color.

With the lovingly crafted bags made of recycled plastic, the passionate Mexican with adopted home in Germany not only wants to please her customers, she also wants to give the partly forgotten work of Mexican artisans a stage.


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