NEW CLIENT Alex Cosmetic

Curiosity, inspiration and enthusiasm characterize the spirit of the Essen-based family company Alex Cosmetic, which invests its love of nature, creativity and research in the development and production of professional active cosmetics.

In the third generation, the valuable heritage is guarded, further developed and carried into the future: the knowledge of the power of nature and the wealth of active ingredients it contains. This millennia-old knowledge of healing and herbs forms the basis for the development of the effective formulas of the cosmetics expert.

But it was the founding of Alex Cosmetic in 2000, under the management of Katharina Godecki-Dieser and her son Bartosz Godecki, that set the starting signal for an extraordinary spirit of innovation, which manifests itself in a great desire for research, nature and high-tech. Alex Cosmetic had a very successful start in Asia. An important market, which today is one of the pioneers in terms of innovations and trends in the beauty industry. There, the cosmetics company was one of the first beauty brands to establish the BB cream, which is now an integral part of the market.


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